On the golden route

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Shruthi Iyengar, a young professional, feels that since the younger crowd doesn't like an overdose of gold jewellery, a hint of gold in their outfits works as a classy addition. číst dál

Paul Smith S/S 2017

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Mood board: Paul Smith is a designer with bags of British charm. And so, as the mood in London dips as the UK prepares to leave the European Union, the designer offered up a jubilant, bright collection, defiantly upbeat in mood. The collection took reference from the 1960s – a time when the youth generation fought actively and loudly for political and social change. During times of uncertainty, their collective message was one of peace and positivity. In the same period, Smith was a teenager busy making trips down from his hometown in Nottingham to London, where he would sleep on a friend’s floor in Notting Hill. The bon fête of its Carnival inspired a perky, sunny show. číst dál

Young Kiwi Designers To Judge Rising Creative Stars

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Some of New Zealand’s most talented designers will judge a new generation of creative Kiwis, who are in with the chance to see their creations at New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW), in this year’s Brother Design Stars youth talent search. číst dál

Nashville Fashion Week recap

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(Photo:long prom dresses uk)Fashion week: a place where the trendy elite gather to mingle, comment on the latest style and set trends for the next season. It used to just be for the old cities of glamour — New York, London, Milan — but since 2011, Nashville has become a member of that growing cohort of cities hosting a Fashion Week. číst dál

Charlize Theron blasts ageist Hollywood

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Actress Charlize Theron hates the fact there is an "unrealistic standard" of what a woman over 40 should look like. číst dál

Design in the Desert

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With LA Fashion Week wrapped, the fashion crowd next heads to Palm Springs, Calif., for Fashion Week El Paseo. číst dál

Don’t mess with the dress

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It was recently noted in this space that tuxedo rentals spike in spring along with the daffodils. Spring is prom season, and tuxes are a must for prom. Young men accept this fact and spend a casual 30 minutes getting fitted for a rental. It’s as simple as that. číst dál

Supporters gather for a gala fashion show fundraiser for Women United Around the World

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(Photo:http://www.queenieprom.co.uk/blue-prom-dresses)Adele Ngoy, an immigrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo, is stitching together an incredibly diverse community here in Southern Maine, one dress at a time. číst dál

Romsey's Carnival royalty to be picked at party event

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(Photo:http://www.queenieprom.co.uk/long-prom-dresses)THERE will be glitz and glamour in Romsey next month when the faces of this year’s Romsey Carnival are picked. číst dál

Jessel Taank and Pavit Singh Randhawa’s Wedding in Mexico

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Public relations director Jessel Taank and Pavit Singh Randhawa, a management consultant for Deloitte Consulting and the CEO and founder of TheWiiingman.com, an awards/miles travel consulting firm, moved to New York from Los Angeles at the exact same time. “We eventually crossed paths on a Saturday night during a mutual friend’s party in the Flatiron District,” remembers Jessel. “We hit it off over our love for tequila!” číst dál

FLA Chic Emcee: Nicole Richie

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(Photo:long prom dresses uk)Okay, it isn’t exactly an “award,” per se, but Nicole Richie’s podium prowess is a force of nature. As one of the original tastemakers behind Los Angeles’ style renaissance, this hometown icon both wears fashion and designs it with gusto. The style maven and House of Harlow designer explains the city’s eternal appeal. číst dál

Wings for Success to hold spring fashion show

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Wings for Success, which offers work-appropriate attire, advice and advocacy to women in need who are seeking employment, will hold its third Spring Fashion Show, Expo and Auction on Saturday, April 2, in partnership with the Fashion Merchandising Department of Immaculata University. číst dál